Your Garden

We understand that not everyone has the time to join in our volunteer environment programs, however, there are a range of activities you can do that can make a big difference to our local bushland and waterways.

These include:

  • Planting trees and shrubs that are naturally found in your area - they are certain to grow and provide homes and food for our native animals
  • Build bird boxes to bring the birds back to your area
  • Disposing of your garden waste correctly through worm farms, compost or mulch - NOT over the fence and into the reserves and bushland as this spreads weeds
  • Making sure that you do not place anything down the stormwater drain - this includes litter, dog droppings, leaves, sticks, soil, pesticides, chemicals and paint. These materials end up in our creeks and waterways, so please remember the 'drain is just for rain.

Water Wise Rules are simple, common sense actions about the way we use water outside. They've replaced water restrictions and apply to everyone in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.

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