Liverpool's Development Control Plans

The Liverpool Development Control Plan (LDCP) 2008 provides detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls in the Liverpool Local Environment Plan 2008. They affect the form, function and amenity of a development or area.

Please find the documents below. Part 1 - General controls for all development must be read for all development, but other Parts may also be needed for a particular development.  The title of the Part describes which development type or locality the Part applies to. These planning controls can also be found on Council’s ePlanning portal.

If your property is in certain areas of Edmondson Park South, Austral or Leppington a different Development Control Plan applies.

Part 1 General controls for all development

Part 2.1 - Casula and Green Valley (subdivision of land)
Part 2.2 - Hoxton Park, Carnes Hill and Prestons (subdivision of land)
Part 2.3 - Georges Fair (Moorebank)
Part 2.4 - Moorebank Defence Lands
Part 2.5 - Middleton Grange
Part 2.6 - Holsworthy Local Centre
Part 2.7 - Greenway Views
Part 2.8 - Voyager Point
Part 2.9 - Former Hoxton Park Airport Site
Part 2.10 - Moorebank East (Benedict Sands)
Part 2.11 - Edmondson Park
Part 2.12 - Repealed - 15 September 2010
Part 2.13 - Pleasure Point
Part 2.14 - Elizabeth Hills
Part 2.15 - New Brighton Golf Course

Part 3.1 - Dwelling Houses in the R5 zone
Part 3.2 - Dwelling Houses on land greater than 400 sqm in the R2, R3 and R4 zones
Part 3.3 - Dwelling Houses on Hatchet Shaped lots in the R2, R3 and R4 zones
Part 3.4 - Semi-Detached and Attached Dwellings in the R2 and R3 zones
Part 3.5 - Dwelling Houses on land less than 400 sqm in the R2, R3 and R4 zones
Part 3.6 - Multi Dwelling Housing (Terraces, Townhouses and Villas) in the R3 and R4 zones
Part 3.7 - Residential Flat Buildings in the R4 zone
Part 3.8 - Non Residential development in Residential zones
Part 3.9 - Boarding House Development

Part 4 - Development in Liverpool City Centre
Part 5 - Development in Rural and Environmental Zones
Part 6 - Development in Business Zones (Except Liverpool City Centre)
Part 7 - Development in Industrial Zones
Part 8 - Dwelling houses & class 10 structures on lots greater than 300m2 but less than 900m2 in the R1 R2 R3 zones

Some land in Edmondson Park is subject to the Edmondson Park South Development Control Plan 2012, as identified in the map below.

Land in Austral, the suburb of Leppington (within the Liverpool LGA), and some land in Denham Court is subject to the Liverpool Growth Centres Precinct Development Control Plan. This land is shown within the red boundaries below.

The Liverpool Growth Centres DCPs:

Certain land in Badgerys Creek, Bringelly, Greendale, Luddenham, Kemps Creek and Rossmore (within the Liverpool LGA) is subject to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Development Control Plan 2022 (Phase 1). This land is shown within the boundaries below.

Map indicating land within the Western Sydney Aerotropolis subject to the Development Control Plan Phase 1.

The Phase 1 DCP applies to the initial precincts as identified in the Aerotropolis SEPP and Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan. It does not apply to the Western Sydney International Airport site or Commonwealth-owned land.

For more information on the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Development Control Plan 2020 (Phase 1) refer to the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment website.