Land Acquisition

In certain circumstances, land within the Liverpool local government area may be identified for acquisition by Council and other agencies, like the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) or the Department of Education. This is in accordance with Clause 5.1 of Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008.

Land may be acquired for a number of reasons, including to allow for road widening or road realignment, to allow Council to provide infrastructure such as drainage, for use by a state authority such as the RMS or for safety reasons, such as in some flood prone or contaminated areas.

Land is not typically acquired as soon as it is identified, ordinarily; land will only be purchased prior to construction or development for the public purpose.

To determine if your land is proposed to be acquired see the Land Reservation Acquisition Maps or check Council’s ePlanning portal. It is suggested that you obtain a Section 10.7 Certificate from Council to confirm if your land is subject to compulsory acquisition.