Light Horse Park Redevelopment: Shaping Our Future

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Welcome to the Light Horse Park Redevelopment project page. We are thrilled to embark on an exciting journey that will transform Light Horse Park into a vibrant, inclusive and modern community space. This redevelopment will take place in three stages, completing in December 2026. Take our online park survey, and kayak pontoon survey to help us see the true benefit of this important redevelopment.

Stage 1:

From May until mid 2024 - Accessible Kayak Launch Facility

Note:  The jetty is currently closed for works and the carpark will be closed on the 5 and 6 June for pre-construction groundwork to be completed

Our first phase, which is already underway, focuses on the creation of an accessible and safe kayak launch facility. We aim to provide an inviting space for water enthusiasts to embark on their kayaking adventures, while ensuring accessibility to the Georges River for all members of our community.

Stage 2:

By late 2024 - Carpark and EV Charging Capability

By late 2024, we will unveil an upgraded carpark with easy access to the upgraded river pier. What's more, the carpark will be EV-ready with the ability to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. We'll also have the capability to host food trucks and major events, enhancing the park's versatility for community events.

Stage 3:

By late 2026 - A Complete Transformation

The final phase of our project, upgrading the park itself, is scheduled for completion by December 2026. This redevelopment will bring to life a host of exciting features:

  • Informal Green Space: An open green space will be available for various activities, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Play Equipment: Children and families will enjoy a new play area with water-play features, fostering creativity and outdoor fun.
  • Gardens and Landscaping: Our park will bloom with meticulously designed gardens, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  • Park Furniture and Shade Structures: Comfortable seating and shade structures will provide relaxation spots for park-goers.
  • Upgraded Lighting: Improved lighting will ensure a safe and inviting atmosphere.
  • New Community Building: A brand new community building will serve as a gathering place for events, meetings, and social activities.

Funding the Park

This ambitious project is made possible through a combination of grants and community contributions and is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Liverpool City Council.

The Light Horse Park Redevelopment project is not just about upgrading a park; it's about enhancing our community's quality of life, promoting sustainability, and creating a space for shared memories and experiences.

You can track detailed project information using our Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

For enquiries, please contact us at Together, we'll make Light Horse Park a place where the community thrives and memories are made.