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Event Permits

If you want to hold a public event or perform certain functions, like filming or busking, in the Liverpool area you might need a permit and Council's approval to do it.

All the permits Council issues are listed below.

If you are not sure if you need a permit, email

Click here to view the Public Event Manual , which will assist you in planning your event in the Liverpool local government area.

Buskers make an important contribution to the colour and life of Liverpool reflecting styles, values and issues of society at large.

Anyone wishing to busk within Liverpool must obtain a valid permit and acknowledge and agree to comply with Council’s Buskers policy.

Buskers under the age of 18 years must have parental/guardian consent and use this form - Buskers Under 18 Years of Age Registration Application Online Form.

All other buskers please use this form - Busker Registration Application Online Form.

Charitable Collection, the soliciting or receiving of any money, property or other benefit from the public, constitutes where a representation is made (even if implied) that the appeal is for a charitable purpose or for the support of an organisation having a charitable object.

Click here to view the Charitable Collections on Council Controlled Lands Policy.

Click here to complete the Charity, Community and Government Body Stall Holders On-line application form.

Applicants must schedule a meeting with Council's Events and Approvals Officer by calling (02) 8711 7655 or emailing before submitting applications to review event concept, venues and dates.

Venues are not confirmed until applications have been submitted in full. It is strongly recommended that applications are submitted at least four months prior to the event to avoid missing out on venue bookings.

An event application fee is applicable according to Council's Statement of Revenue Policy.

Payment is required when submitting an application with all the relevant information, additional fees such as park bookings, bonds and section 68 application fees will also apply.

Advertising a proposed Event is not permitted without Liverpool City Council approval.

Liverpool is Australia's fourth-oldest town behind Sydney, Parramatta and Hobart, with a wonderfully diverse population and rich history that makes it a very attractive place for photography and film making.

The approval process ensures proposed filming and/or photography is suitable for the location, residents are notified where applicable, and that organisations have public liability insurance.

Filming & Photography in the City of Liverpool on-line application form

Are you a market operator looking to expand into South West Sydney? Liverpool City Council is seeking market operators to hold annual markets on Council-owned land.

Market operators are encouraged to inspect the available event locations, outlined in the Markets Application, prior to commencing their application process to ensure that their market will suit the particular site. It is recommended that site selection be based upon the nature of the market, the approximate size and space that is required, the number of expected attendees, proximity to public transport, and frequency of markets.

Interested parties should then contact the Council's Events and Approving Officer on (02) 8711 7655 to check the availability of the site and arrange a meeting.

All completed Market Applications must be submitted with all required documents and application fees will apply in line with Council's Statement of Revenue Policy.

Applications are to be submitted by email addressed to:

Note: For markets operated on private land. Please contact Council’s Duty Planner on 1300 362 170 for further advice.

Click here to download Markets Policy.

Click here to complete the on-line Markets Application Form.

Liverpool City Council is committed to supporting local business whilst activating street life and public space activities, with unique experiences and opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Mobile food vehicles play an important role in creating vibrancy and activity by providing an efficient, high quality and accessible food service for visitors and the local community.

Due to the popularity of mobile food vehicle businesses, Liverpool City Council has developed a Mobile Food Vehicles Policy which enables food truck operators to apply for a maximum of 12 months permit approval to operate on designated public spaces.

Click Here to download Liverpool City Council's Mobile Food Vehicles Policy.

Permitted Trading Locations

Liverpool City Council have indicated possible locations for mobile food vehicle to operate within the Liverpool Local Government area. These locations have been highlighted in Liverpool City Council’s Mobile Food Vehicles Policy.

Application requirements

Mobile food vehicle permits are subject to being advertised by Council on an annual basis and require a minimum fee to be determined.

The successful applicant/s will be required to operate the sale of food in strict conformity with the conditions of the permit highlighted in Liverpool City Council's Mobile Food Vehicles Policy category 2 and other such legislative requirements.

A completed application should include the following to enable a comprehensive assessment:

  • Applicant's full name and address;
  • Company / business name and trading name;
  • ACN and ABN numbers;
  • Registered office address;
  • Director/s for a corporation names and addresses;
  • Certificate of currency (Public liability insurance) for a minimum of $20,000,000 - Liverpool City Council to receive full indemnity;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate;
  • Copy of the mobile food vehicle's current vehicle registration certificate;
  • Full details of food type being offered for sale;
  • Proposed fees for products/food sold;
  • Attach any further information which may support application;
  • Copy/reference of an earlier mobile vehicle approval issued by Council if applicable;
  • Copy of the most recent food safety inspection report (less than six months old) from the appropriate Enforcement Agency;
  • Satisfactory food safety inspection report from another Council no older than six months will be accepted;
  • Compliance with the Food Act 2003, Food Regulation 2015, NSW Food Authority's "Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles" dated January 2017; and
  • Any subsequent revision approved by the NSW Food Authority;

Click here to complete Liverpool City Council's Mobile Food Vehicles on-line application.