Council plays a critical role in helping create the conditions for innovation in Liverpool – Sydney’s third CBD.

We are working closely with our city partners to develop an innovation ecosystem where research and development and collaboration between business, universities, our hospital and research institutions is fostered and thriving.

Council is working with state and federal government to ensure that our residents and business benefit from Western Sydney Airport with better jobs, better transport and better health and educational opportunities.  We are creating a city where people want to live, work and play.

We know Liverpool is the best place to set up business or home in Sydney, and we have a road map that outlines our approach to innovation and the actions we are taking to support innovation in our city and community.

Download the Innovation strategy

Innovation projects

Carshare – Liverpool City Council is trialling carshare in the Liverpool City Centre. The 12-month trial will determine the appetite for carshare in an effort to reduce traffic congestion. A decision about removing or embedding carshare will be made in 2022. Find out more here.

Digital kerbside trial – Liverpool City Council is working with Transport for NSW to install sensors in Macquarie Street (between Scott and Moore Streets) in the city centre, and around Bigge Park. Digital signage will signify if car spaces are available in the street. The trial will test how technology can be applied to reduce congestion and improve the experience for people in the city centre. Lessons learned on the project will be applied across NSW. The trial is under way and will continue for two years until 2023. This project is funded by the NSW Smart Places Acceleration Program.

Open data – Liverpool City Council and its City Deal partners are now publishing open data to support data-driven decision making and share city insights.

Smart Pedestrian Project – Liverpool City Council worked with the University of Wollongong and Meshed to count the number of cars, pedestrians and bicycles in the city centre. Find out more here. This project was supported by the Australian Government Smart Cities and Suburbs program.