Wet Weather


Please be advised that all Liverpool City Council Sports Grounds are open* – noting below fields shut.

The following fields are shut:

  • Daruk Park
  • Hammondville Soccer [Field 4 only]
  • Kokoda Park
  • Whitlam #3 [Eastern Field only]

*Fields opened are under Club’s Discretion:

Hirers/Clubs and Associations are advised to undertake caution and inspect their fields/ovals prior use to ensure suitability for the intended activities.

  • If you feel that your field is unplayable or that your usage may cause damage, please take the appropriate steps to remove club activities from your respective grounds.

The decision will remain in place unless notified otherwise to determine suitability of our council grounds.

This is also communicated through Council’s wet weather line on 8711 7748.

Please report any facility damage or unauthorised use to 1300 36 2170 or via My Customer Request (nsw.gov.au)

This message is updated in the event of wet weather, and is current from 3:30pm for evening hire and 9:30am for school use.

You can find out if grounds are open or closed by calling the wet-weather line on 02 8711 7748. A message will be recorded on the wet-weather line by 3:30pm each day for sporting clubs and 9:30am each day for schools.

A decision will not be made later than this.

Decisions to open or close grounds on a weekend will be made no later than 3:30pm on the Friday afternoon and made available on this website and via the wet-weather line.

This decision will apply for the entire weekend and will be re-assessed on Monday by 9:30am.

No use is allowed on any ground during ground closures. This is because grounds are deemed to be unsafe. Please report unauthorised use to 1300 36 2170.

If your ground is closed, you may like to consider hiring the Whitlam Centre, Liverpool, the Michael Clarke Recreation Centre or the Michael Wenden Centre, Miller. Both facilities have indoor, multi-purpose stadiums for hire.

In the event of wet weather, in order to protect playing fields from damage and in accordance with its Hire of Playing Fields Policy, Council occasionally closes playing fields. With payment of a Damage Deposit Bond and submission of an acknowledgement and Indemnity form, council may consider utilisation of closed playing fields for competition games only. To apply please return the below form to Recreation at  Recreation@liverpool.nsw.gov.au.

Utilisation of Closed Sporting Fields - Acknowledgement and Indemnity