Your Parks. Your Parks Teams

Liverpool City Council is changing how we look after your parks.

Each part of Liverpool will have a dedicated team taking care of its parks.

The new structure means more mowing, tidier parks and greater efficiency.

Each team will take ownership for the parks in its area, building stronger connections with the local community.

Our new system is better for both Council and residents.

The new parks teams are:

  • Liverpool CBD;
  • Wattle Grove (Wattle Grove, Holsworthy, Hammondville, Voyager Point, Pleasure Point);
  • Moorebank (Moorebank, Ashcroft, Warwick Farm, Liverpool);
  • Chipping Norton;
  • Casula (Casula, Busby, Heckenberg, Miller, Cartwright, Sadleir, Lurnea, Mt Pritchard);
  • Cecil Hills (Hinchinbrook, Green Valley, Elizabeth Hills, Cecil Hills);
  • Middleton Grange (Middleton Grange, West Hoxton, Horningsea Park, Carnes Hill, Hoxton Park);
  • Bringelly (Bringelly, Prestons, Austral, Rossmore, Greendale, Luddenham, Badgerys Creek, Kemps Creek);
  • Programmed Trees (working on planned tree work);
  • Reactive Trees (responding to emergencies/urgent tree work);
  • Sports West;
  • Sports East;
  • Playgrounds;
  • Ready Response.

Council is holding a series of free community barbecues to introduce the parks teams to their local residents. We look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday 29 February


Grand Flaneur Beach,

Chipping Norton

Postponed - Saturday 7 March


Dunumbral Park,

Cecil Hills

Saturday 14 March


Wattle Grove Lake,

Wattle Grove

Saturday 21 March


Catalina Park

Middleton Grange