Liverpool Civic Place

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Council’s proposed mixed-use Liverpool Civic Place development, in partnership with Built Development, will anchor and activate the southern end of Liverpool CBD, providing new public spaces, community facilities and job opportunities for our growing city.

Located at 52 Scott Street, Liverpool, Council will commit around $195 million to the Council Works components of the proposed development, which include:

  • New Council offices and Council Chambers;
  • A new city library and community hub;
  • A childcare facility;
  • A new civic plaza; and
  • Council and public parking.


An artist's impression of the future Council Works component of Liverpool Civic Place.

The Developer Works component of Liverpool Civic Place will include:

  • A 22-level tower to accommodate a combination of commercial, retail and education spaces; and
  • An eight-level, 84-room co-living facility.

Built Development will cover the cost of the Development Works components of Liverpool Civic Place.


An artist's impression of the public plaza.

Project Status

The Liverpool Civic Place Master Plan was approved in August 2020, with the Demolition and Early Works Development Application approved in June 2020. Demolition and excavation works on the site have commenced, with completion scheduled for mid-2021.

The Development Application for the Council works component was lodged in October 2020. Subject to approval and development consent, construction is expected to commence in mid-2021.

The Council works are estimated to be complete by the end of 2022 or early in 2023.

Details of the Council Works Development Application and the Developer Works Development Application are available on Council's website.


Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller (centre) at the official commencement of demolition with Built Managing Director Brett Mason (left) and Liverpool City Council Acting CEO Dr Eddie Jackson (right).


Why is this project happening?

Liverpool City Council has identified 52 Scott Street, Liverpool, as a key site in the regeneration of Liverpool's CBD to anchor and activate the southern end of the city.

Council’s objectives for Liverpool Civic Place are to:

1. Provide a mixed use development incorporating a combination of Council services, commercial, retail, cultural, educational, hotel and dining functions;
2. Provide a civic identity, focus and anchor to activate the southern end of the Liverpool City Centre;
3. Contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability by capitalising on the site's location;
4. Create a generous public space which is active, responsive, high quality, connected, engaging and sustainable; and
5. Achieve the highest quality design outcomes having regard to environmental sustainability and appropriateness for the land.

The procurement of the Liverpool Civic Place project has been a comprehensive two-stage process, including an initiation for Expressions of Interest (EOI) and a Request for Detailed Proposal (RFDP). On 29 June 2016, Council resolved to award the delivery of Liverpool Civic Place to Built Holdings Pty Ltd (Built Development Group).

Liverpool Civic Place, to be delivered by Council and Built Development Group, will be delivered as outlined below:

Council Works:

  • New Council offices and Council Chambers;
  • A new city library and community hub;
  • A childcare facility;
  • A new civic plaza; and
  • Council and public parking.

Developer Works

  • A 22-level tower to accommodate a combination of commercial, retail and education spaces;
  • An eight-level, 84-room co-living facility; and
  • Parking.

The total project cost is approximately $400 million. Liverpool City Council will commit around $195 million to the Council Works component of Liverpool Civic Place. The development is expected to generate at least 350 construction jobs.

Council is planning to borrow $177.5 million to be paid off over 20 years.

Market conditions mean we can secure a highly competitive fixed interest rate.

The annual principal loan and interest repayment is estimated at $11.3 million.

The old library building will remain in Council ownership and will initially be used for community facilities and programs. There is potential to redevelop the site in future depending on emerging community needs.

The Council offices at 33 Moore St, Liverpool, will continue to be leased and occupied by the University of Wollongong South West (Liverpool) campus. UoW will occupy all of the building from 2024.

Council is the anchor tenant for Liverpool Civic Place and will occupy the majority of the commercial space.

The University of Wollongong will extend their existing lease to occupy all of 33 Moore St, Liverpool, which is owned by Council. This is expected to be complete by 2024.

The additional rental income from the available commercial space at LCP; 33 Moore Street; the Liverpool City Library site; and 3 Hoxton Park Road properties will service more than 75 per cent of Council's loan repayments for Liverpool Civic Place.

In addition to actively seeking commercial tenants, Council is engaging with Federal and NSW Government agencies to establish offices in Liverpool, putting jobs close to local residents.

Council's long-term financial model, which has been validated by independent accounting firm Grant Thornton Australia, confirms that Council will be able to pay for Liverpool Civic Place without seeking a rate increase.

Should Council not attract a tenant to the available commercial space at Liverpool Civic Place, the additional loan repayment required will be less than 6 per cent of Council's annual operating revenue. Council effectively has four years from 2021 to secure a tenant. Council's long-term financial plan assumes rental income will commence from 2025.

Should that not occur, Council will still continue to provide core services to the community while servicing the loan until the '26/'27 financial year. If a tenant has not been found by this time, Council can look at selling off its surplus and uneconomical assets. The execution of these options will be subject to economic conditions and decisions of Council's elected representatives.

On completion of the project the community of Liverpool will own an asset valued in excess of $200 million.

The School of Arts building will not be impacted by the development and will remain as an integral part of Augusta Cullen Plaza.

Demolition and excavation have commenced for the Council Works component. Construction works for this part of the project are forecast to commence in mid 2021 and will take approximately two years to complete. Council will provide regular updates on the status of the project’s construction.

Liverpool Civic Place was first approved by Council in June 2016. The project has gone through many scope and design changes since the original concept plan including a protracted Local Environmental Plan amendment that was not resolved until mid-2018.

Liverpool Civic Place is now a significantly larger project that will activate the southern end of Liverpool's CBD and provide the community with a valuable public asset.

Below is a comparison of the original and current Council Works proposals.


Cost: $87 million

Size: 16,000  sq m (Council offices and Chambers 7000 sq m, Library 3000 sq m, Commercial space 6000 sq m and public parking)


Cost: $195 million

Size: 22,000 sq m (Council offices, Chambers and childcare 10,500 sq m, Library 5000 sq m, Commercial space 6500 sq m, public parking plus an extended public plaza)

Construction costs

Construction costs have been approved by independent quantity surveyors.

The costs increased between 4 per cent and 5 per cent per annum from 2016 to 2019. This has been included in the cost of the Council Works component of Liverpool Civic Place.

Ratepayers of the Liverpool LGA were presented with information about Liverpool Civic Place in a May/June 2020 survey via mailout and online.

The results are as follows:

Line graph showing survey results

Line graph showing survey results