Council Support for Local Business

Liverpool City Council has a number of initiatives to help support local businesses.

For more information contact the City Economy Business Development Team on 02 8711 7603 or email

Welcome to Liverpool is an opportunity for Liverpool City Council to celebrate businesses new to the area within the previous 12 months.

The focus of the event is to:

  • celebrate new ventures;
  • facilitate collaboration and networks between new and existing businesses; and
  • introduce key stakeholders in the Liverpool area and their services.

Local stakeholders in attendance include:

To register for these events send an email to

Information for Stallholders can be found on the Expression of Interest page.

The Vibrant Streets Program (the Program) enables Liverpool City Council (Council) to support owners and tenants of businesses located in the Liverpool Central Business District (CBD) to create a vibrant and attractive destination.

The Program provides partial funding to upgrade public facing building facades, outdoor dining areas and much more to create an attractive, unique, and interesting destination. The program is intended to help develop a partnership between Council and CBD businesses and to achieve the vision for the City Centre as per the Liverpool City Centre Public Domain Master Plan.

Please refer to the following for more information including the application form;

Liverpool Pop Up Project (6 Month Occupancy)

Council’s Pop Up Project is for start-ups, social enterprises, community groups or artists that are looking to set up a temporary retail shop in the Liverpool CBD.

The aim of this project is to develop vibrant and interesting destinations that attract visitors to the area and encourage greater activation of the CBD.   The shopfront should provide visitors with a memorable retail experience both in terms of the unique products/services on offer and how customers are engaged.

The program is currently on hold until more shopfronts can be sourced. Watch this space for more information or sign up to City Economy’s e-newsletter for any announcements.

  • Student Discounts
  • Partner/Sponsor Events

The Design for Dignity guide is to provide retail business owners, service providers, shopping centre owners and managers, designers, builders and certifiers with an understanding of how to make the shopping experience for people with disability more independent, pleasurable and dignified.

Jobs of Tomorrow Scholarships
Scholarships for students who enrol in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics related vocational qualifications.