Adopt a Pet

Welcoming a companion animal into your family is an important decision that lasts a lifetime.  There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding who is right for you, including but not limited to:

  • Am I able to handle the shenanigans of puppy/kittenhood, or would a more mature and settled soul be right for me?
  • What size would best suit?
  • Lots of energy for we'll always be out and about, or a couch potato to googlebox with?
  • Is my household noisy or quiet?
  • What breeds and/or behaviours am I equipped to deal with?
  • How secure is my back yard?

One other important thing to always factor in is the life stage of every human member of the family.  Some companion animals are more suited to, for example, older kids in the family.  Perhaps they are too boisterous for our older generation.

So now that you've started to really think about what is right for you, head on down to the Shelter where our friendly staff are on hand to help you find your new best friend.

All of our companion animals come home with you microchipped, desexed (or a desexing voucher if very young), vaccinated, flea & worm treated and lifetime registered in NSW.  All you have to do is take them home and love them!

Bethany is simply a delight. Only 12 months old, she is very affectionate and just adores people. She would make a perfect family pet. She has been desexed and vet checked. Adopt her for $100.
Gorgeous little Clubs is now ready for his forever home. As Pet of the Week, he is now available to adopt for $100 (this fee includes a desex voucher).
12 month old Luke is a big doofus looking for a big dog loving home. Fetch is his favourite activity, so too is getting lots of pats and praise. Good natured and very friendly, that's our Luke. We think he may enjoy the company of another dog. Adopt him for $368 at Liverpool Animal Shelter.
Pretty little Mary is all set to find a loving home. She is available to adopt for $100 which includes a desexing voucher.
Highly affectionate, confident and sweet, 12 month old Saffron would make a wonderful family pet. Desexed and vet checked, she's ready to go. Adopt her for $100.