Find your Bin Day

To find your recycling and rubbish bin collection days:

Carefully read the following instructions (1 to 3) to enter your residential address* into the search box

  1. You must start by entering your house number, for example 135, 3/52 or 64a.
  2. Continue to enter your street name then select your address from the drop down menu. Don't use punctuation marks (such as commas, full-stops and so on).
  3. Click on the year calendar you wish to download (2021 or 2022). Note: If your browser is Google Chrome right-click on a calendar and choose open link in new tab.

* Your recycling day information is based on the official address of the residential property as stated on your rates notice. If you have recently moved into a new home, your address will not be searchable until you receive your first rates notice.

Search is available for houses, villas and townhouses only. Residents of units and apartment blocks are advised to contact Council Council’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 36 2170 to confirm their bin collection day.

Your red-lid residual waste bin is collected every week with your yellow-lid recycling bin (and green-lid garden waste bin, if your property is provided with one) being collected on alternate fortnights as indicated on the collection calendar.

Please remember, when presenting your bins for collection that:

  • Your bin lids should close flush.
  • There is a space of at least 50cm between bins and that bin wheels face towards the house
  • Bins are presented for collection no earlier than the evening before your collection day
  • Bins are returned to your property as soon as they have been emptied.
  • Public holidays will not affect the collection of your bins.

If you would like a generic recycling fridge calendar to be mailed to you or if you are experiencing issues with downloading your bin collection calendar, please contact Council on 1300 36 2170.

Are you a keen recycler and could do with an extra recycling bin? Do you have a large family and need additional bins?

Click here to download the 2019-2020 Application for Upgrade and Additional Bin(s) Form. Property owner authorisation is required. Fees apply.

Experiencing issues trying to access your recycling calendar?

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. Your recycling day information is based on the official address of the residential property as stated on your rates notice.

Please report any technical issues to Liverpool City Council on 1300 36 2170 so that the issue can be addressed.