Families and Children

Liverpool is a city of children, young people and families. As at the 2011 Census, almost 40% of the population was less than 24 years of age. Almost three quarters of all families in Liverpool include children (74.95%), which is higher than Sydney generally (64.6%).

In 2011, there were 7,915 (18%) one parent families in Liverpool. There are also many families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. 40% of Liverpool's population was born overseas and 50% of all Liverpool residents speak a language other than English. More people live in households of four or more people. 41.7% in Liverpool, compared with 29.5% in Sydney. This means that Liverpool is made up of different types of families, which is important to consider in planning and service delivery.

Council is committed to promoting opportunities to enhance the well-being of children, young people and families. We provide information and advice about a range of services. Visit the Liverpool Community Profile.

Liverpool City Council runs several children's centres and pre-schools for children aged zero to twelve years.

A team of experienced and qualified child care staff provide quality care to your child in a safe and nurturing environment. For more information on Council's Children's Centres please contact Council's Early Childhood Program Coordinators.

Council holds a range of events and activities each year for families and children including:

  • Australia Day: 26th January
  • Families Week: 15th - 21st May
  • Refugee Week: 19th - 25th June
  • Children's Week: 22nd - 30th October

Look out for more information on our What's On page closer to the above dates.

Liverpool City Library provides a variety of services for children aged three to 12 years including:

  • Story time;
  • Reading corner;
  • Songs;
  • Homework help;
  • Educational games;
  • School holiday programs; and
  • Computer and internet facilities.

The library also has a dedicated Young People's Librarian that organises a range of activities for families and children.

For more information visit the Liverpool City Library.

Liverpool City has over 250 parks, many with barbecue facilities, picnic areas, walkways and cycleways, play equipment and sporting fields. Use of these parks are free.There are also skate parks located at Moorebank and Miller.For more information see Council's Parks and Cycleways pages.

Council is developing a Children’s Services Strategy which aims to provide a well-planned and coordinated approach to support families and children in our community.

Liverpool City Council also supports the Liverpool Family and Children’s Services Interagency (FCSI). The Interagency is a meeting for all agencies that work with families with children or who are expecting a baby. The interagency meets every two months for the purpose of sharing information, identifying local needs and planning appropriate responses and providing advocacy and representation to decision-makers to influence planning and resource allocation.

Working groups of the Liverpool Family and Children’s Services Interagency have developed the following initiatives as part of the vision for Liverpool to have happy, healthy and safe children.

  • GoGo the Gecko has 3 of his own books. His latest book ‘The Gecko family fun time extravaganza’ is a book for children and their carers to share. A free copy is available to families and children aged 6 years and under.
  • Paint Liverpool ReaD – an initiative to encourage the whole community to ‘share stories, talk, sing, read and play with children every day, from birth.’

GoGo is the mascot for Paint Liverpool ReaD and an ambassador for early literacy in Liverpool.

Gogo The Gecko 


Council’s Social Infrastructure Planner on 1300 36 2170.