Good Neighbours

Liverpool City Council is a "Very Neighbourly Organisation"

Liverpool City Council is proud to join the 'Very Neighbourly Organisation' network and to be part of the Neighbour Day initiative, led by Relationships Australia.

One of the most diverse cities in Australia, Liverpool is home to residents of different cultures, histories and experiences. Liverpool Council celebrates the City’s rich Aboriginal heritage; and encourages all community members to know, understand and respect their fellow residents.

Very Neighbourly Organisations encourage residents to connect with others who live in their neighbourhood, particularly those who may be isolated or vulnerable. Council believes in the importance of social connection as a means of combating isolation, depression and loneliness.

Many community members are feeling isolated and lonely due to the coronavirus crisis. Residents can reach out and give a helping hand to each other by downloading and printing this "Neighbour Support" postcard. Fill it out and pop it in the letterbox of yourneighbour or a community member who you think might need some extra help right now. Together, we can all make sure that everyone in Liverpool is safe, connected and staying well during this challenging time.