Harris Creek Reserve Fairy Glen

About the Project

In 2021, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, a local family created a ‘Fairy Glen’ by placing wooden fairy doors and windows along the bush track in Harris Creek Reserve. Their aim was to create some magic for local children during the challenging times.

The initiative was embraced by the local community and inspired our youngest residents to explore the wonders of nature, providing them with a magical alternative to screen time and encouraging them to connect with the natural environment.

Local families began to contribute their own doors and leave offerings for the fairies. Recognising the value of the initiative, Liverpool City Council endorsed the Fairy Glen and continues to formally support the residents –known as the Fairy Council – to rebuild a more environmentally sustainable Fairy Glen.

Council is delighted to support this strong grassroots community-driven initiative.

Read on below, or download our Fairy Glen factsheet, to find out how you can be part of the magic:


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Everyone is welcome to enjoy and add to the magic of the Fairy Glen!

We want the fairies to live in perfect harmony with the beautiful natural flora and fauna that call this park home.

If you would like to contribute doors, decorations or leave an offering for our fairies, we ask that you please read and follow the below guidelines.

Once your fairy door or decorations are completed, submit a photo of your design to the Fairy Glen - Holsworthy Facebook page for approval.

Once approved by the Fairy Council you have permission to attach your doors and decorations along the Fairy Glen pathway using the approved methods.


Materials to use

Use natural materials found within the environment – small sticks, leaves, seeds, small rocks, flowers and natural feathers etc.Glitter, even bio glitter, is not recommended. The Fairy Glen is located near a creek and bio glitter could be harmful to the small aquatic wildlife living there.
Use hardwood or treated pine when choosing timber. Paddle pop sticks are fine.Please refrain from using all plastics including rhinestones which can break into microplastics, wash into our waterways and harm the aquatic wildlife living in the creek nearby.
Use jute twine for tying or embellishmentsStickers should not be used as they could wash off into the environment.
Use non-toxic paint, markers and eco crayons to decorate creations 
Use an outdoor sealant on all decorated doors where practical. This prevents it from rubbing off into the environment in heavy rain. 
Use chalk on concrete 

When attaching your doors and decorations

For living trees, attach doors and decorations by tying a tight thread around large trees to avoid damage to trees and small animals getting stuck.

(Pro tip: jute twine is perfect for use as it is a natural fiber string, otherwise, a jute strap that is thicker and has less chance of tangles)

Avoid placement in the creek flood zones but follow the approved Fairy Glen pathway located between the signs.

Alternatively, you can use small hardwood stakes pushed firmly in ground where fairy doors can be attached with stainless steel screws or glue.

Please do not screw into live trees.
Take advantage of the tree stumps in place for you and use stainless steel screws or glue to attach.

The Fairy Glen - Holsworthy Facebook page has photos of desired environmentally friendly fairy door materials and ideas for fairy offerings.

The most important thing when designing and making your fairy door is to have fun and be part of the magic!

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