Water Conservation Management

The conservation of water through the reduction of demand has long been considered an important component of water management. The goal of water conservation is to ensure that freshwater is not withdrawn from an ecosystem faster than it can be replaced. This secures the availability of water for future generations.

Liverpool City Council manages a large property portfolio. Currently, over 236 water meters track water delivery to over 500 parks, 236 buildings and over 800 staff. Liverpool City Council leads by example in relation to its commitment to conserving resources and reducing the environmental impact of its facilities and activities. Water-saving initiatives for both the organisation and the general community includes retrofits, education programs and changing work practices as part of a water demand program. All developments within the LGA must comply with the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX), DCP and Water Efficiency Plan.

Building Sustainability Index (BASIX)

Development Control Plan

Liverpool City Council Water Efficiency Plan

There are many ways that you can use less water.

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