Cycleways and Walkways


Liverpool has numerous shared paths or cycleways along its streets and through its parklands.

Council is committed to improving cycling infrastructures such as shared path and missing cycle links as well as bike storage and parking facilities. Cycling is an important recreational and social activity for residents and a valid and equal first choice mode of transport.

In Liverpool’s Bike Plan 2018-2023, Council encourages residents to adopt healthier lifestyles, enjoy the natural environment and to help reduce traffic congestion.

Download a copy of the current Liverpool Bike Plan 2018-2023

Liverpool Bicycle Users Group

The Liverpool Bicycle Users Group (Liverpool BUG) advocates on behalf of people who ride bicycles in the Liverpool LGA. The group has an optional membership fee, which goes towards promotional material and cycling advocacy activities, however cyclists do not have to be a member to participate in their rides.

The group organises many rides within the Liverpool area or nearby, usually on a fortnightly basis. See the Bike Liverpool website or the group’s Facebook page for more information.

Bicycle Lockers

There are bicycle lockers for commuters at Liverpool Station. See Service NSW for bookings.


Explore Liverpool by Foot

Liverpool has a walkable CBD with a range of international food, shopping and historical buildings, all within a short walk from rail and bus stops.

There are a number of great walks and cycle tracks around Liverpool.

A highlight is the Lake Moore Walk at Chipping Norton, which starts at Chauvel Park and follows the lake's scenic foreshore to Haigh Park.

Community Suggestion to Improve Footpath Or Cycle Facilities

If you have a suggestion for a new footpath or cycle facilities or issues related to vegetation, debris or damaged pavements etc, visit the Customer Service Requests page.

Cycling and Walking Events

NSW Bike Week

NSW Bike Week is a NSW Government initiative that raises the profile of cycling as a healthy, easy, low cost and environmentally friendly transport option for short trips.

The Bike Week normally occurs in September every year. During bike week, you will have an opportunity to join in Liverpool Bicycle Users Group to explore popular cycle routes in Liverpool as well as learn basic skills to check and fix your bike.