Cycleways and Walkways

Liverpool has numerous walkways and cycleways winding through its streets and parklands.

A highlight is the Lake Moore Walk at Chipping Norton, starting at Chauvel Park and following the lake's scenic foreshore to Haigh Park.

The Parramatta Cycleway Rail Trail is Liverpool's main cycleway. Starting on the corner of Scott and Bigge Streets, the trail runs beside the railway line from Liverpool to Parramatta.  The trail is 16.8km of easy, flat and straight cycleway.

There are bicycle lockers located at Parramatta, Merrylands and Liverpool. See Service NSW for bookings.

Council is committed to improving cycling infrastructure such as shared path and missing cycle links, as well as bike storage and parking facilities within Liverpool. We recognise cycling as an important recreational and social activity for residents, and reaffirm cycling as a valid and equal first choice mode of transport.

Through Liverpool’s Bike Plan 2018-2023, Council aims to encourage residents to adopt healthier lifestyles, enjoy the natural environment and to help reduce traffic congestion through increased cycling trips.

Download a copy of the current Liverpool Bike Plan 2018-2023 here