Household Clean-Up Service

How does a clean-up work?

Each residence is entitled to two free clean up services per calendar year.

Council provides three types of free collections of larger household waste:

  1. General clean-up waste collection: Council provides residents with up to two collections per year, with a maximum of two cubic metres of general waste per booking.
  2. Metal and whitegoods collection: Council provides residents with unlimited metal and whitegoods collections and will collect a maximum of three whitegoods or one cubic metre of metal per booking. This material is recycled. Please remove door seals from fridges and freezers before collection.   Electronic items and small household electrical items (e-waste) such as televisions, computers, electric fans, printers, toasters and kettles will not be accepted through the Metal and whitegoods collection service. Please drop these items at the Liverpool City Council Community Recycling Centre located at 99 Rose Street, Liverpool.
  3. Mattress Collection: Council provides residents with up to 2 mattress collections each year (maximum of 4 mattresses per booking).

Please book at least four weeks in advance.

Service Terms & Conditions apply. Please ensure that you read and accept these Terms & Conditions before requesting and booking a clean up collection service.

Service Terms & Conditions

  • Items for collection must only be placed out the evening before the collection date.
  • All collection waste types (general, metal and mattresses) must be separated from each other and booked separately.
  • Materials must not exceed two cubic metres (2m long x 1m wide x 1m high, roughly the amount contained in a small box trailer load).
    Household Clean Up Diagram 2023
  • Two people must be able to carry the items.
  • Materials must be piled neatly on the nature strip, clear of pedestrian and vehicle access as well as obstacles including trees and power-poles.
  • Only place correct items out for collection. Incorrect items will not be collected.
  • You can cancel or reschedule your Household Clean-Up Service by close of business two days prior to your scheduled collection date. If you cancel or reschedule after this time, you will forfeit one of your two annual pick-ups.

Council will collect the following items in the general household clean-up service:

  • Old furniture
  • Carpet (one room only)
  • Fence palings (small amounts)
  • General household repairs waste
  • Drums with lids or tops removed
  • Loose materials (place in an open box)
  • Small branches, bundled, capable of being lifted by one person

For other items, view A-Z of Waste.