Bigge Park Art & Lighting Project

Mural Bigge Park

Liverpool City Council’s Bigge Park Art & Lighting Project as part of the NSW Government’s Graffiti Management (Western Sydney) Grant program will see Public Art and Lighting installations in the Water Play Park in Bigge Park, Liverpool.

The project is designed to:

  • Enhance community confidence and perceptions of safety.
  • Prevent and minimise incidents of graffiti vandalism.
  • Reduce the social, environmental, and economic impact of graffiti vandalism.
  • Install Public Art and decorative lighting to create a vibrant public space to encourage increased pedestrian activity.

About the Graffiti Management Grant program:

The Graffiti Management Grant (Western Sydney) will support Local Councils to undertake graffiti management projects, including the opportunity to expand on past projects relating to:

  • area beautification, including creating community art programs or initiatives such as installing community murals to deter offenders and improve streetscapes
  • space activation projects such as lighting installation, applying anti-graffiti coatings to walls and other community activities to reinvigorate underused spaces and prevent crime through environmental design
  • planting trees or other vegetation to make graffiti-prone walls more difficult to access and less attractive to offenders

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About the Artwork:

Friends of Tiddalick, Amanda Newman and Natalie L.Simmon

The artwork is located throughout Bigge Park Splash Park.

Within Bigge Park is a family orientated water play area that presented the perfect opportunity for a series of fun, water-themed mural designs. Our collaboration culminated in a cohesive concept that draws on First Nations culture with a modern and kid-friendly approach.

We chose to tell the story of Tiddalick the Frog; a cherished Aboriginal Dreamtime story about a greedy frog who drank up all of the water, leaving none for any other animals. The mural depicts the animals tricking Tiddalick into returning the water to the billabong.

The water themed design continues along the other walls, creating a united and inviting environment. Even more indigenous water-themed animals can be found painted on the ground throughout the area, expanding on the story of Tiddalick as well as creating a fun, interactive animal search and find activity for the kids.

Our hope is that these mural sparks a sense of curiosity amongst children and the public as a whole and ignites deeper conversations about Aboriginal culture.

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