Grants and Sponsorship

Grants and corporate sponsorship are financial contributions provided to either residents of the Liverpool Local Government Area (LGA) or community based groups, organisations and services that operate within the Liverpool LGA to deliver projects that benefit residents, build or enhance the reputation of Liverpool City Council and support delivery of Council’s Community Strategic Plan.

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There are a range of other funding opportunities available to community organisations and groups in addition to the grants provided by Council.

A list of sites that provide information about a range of funding opportunities and resources that support applications for funding is provided for your information.

This information is provided as a reference guide only and all information should be verified with the relevant organisation/ website before using it.

ANZ Trustees Foundation

The ANZ Trustees Foundation is a charitable structure for individuals, families, corporate entities and other groups. It is ideal for anyone seeking to provide long-term support for the community, whilst maintaining the value of their contributions.

Australia Council for the Arts

  • Offers a wide   range of grant programs to support a diverse range of artists, organisations,   artistic practice and arts activity.

Australian Communities Foundation (ACF)

The Impact Fund invests in projects that have the potential for wide-impact and application to major social issues in Australia. This could include research projects that help to shine a light on national issues; new approaches to tackling complex issues affecting Australian communities; supporting pilot projects, scaling-up programs or tailoring of successful local approaches. The four key focus areas for funding are:

ACF also represents approximately 310 philanthropic sub-funds, each with their own funding priorities and interests that seek to fund projects that will deliver positive social change in the community.


The ClubGRANTS Scheme was designed to ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to their local communities and to ensure that disadvantaged members of the community are better positioned to benefit from the contributions made by those clubs.

There are three funding categories under the ClubGRANTS Scheme:

  • Category 1 – Grants   to support community welfare and social services; community development;   employment assistance activities; community health services; and projects   aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged   people.
  • Category 2:   Provides funding for general community development and support activities,   such as junior sport.
  • Category 3 – Grants   to support the building, renovation and fit-out of infrastructure. Funding is   available for arts and cultural infrastructure, sport and recreation   infrastructure and projects that assist communities with essential   infrastructure and disaster readiness.

Categories 1 and 2 funding is in most cases administered by local councils and are funded through local community clubs. Category 3 funding is a state-wide fund administered directly by the NSW Government.

Community Builders

The Community Builders program provides funding for a range of services to strengthen communities and build their capacity. These services include:

  • Community and neighbourhood centres where people   can meet and access resources;
  • Services and projects targeting particular groups   such as men, women and cultural groups; and
  • Projects to support and build communities and   community organisations, such as by providing mentoring schemes and   management training.

Community Building Partnership

Funding provided through the NSW Government to fund infrastructure projects that deliver positive social, environmental and recreational outcomes, while promoting community participation, inclusion and cohesion.

Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)

A not-for-profit organisation committed to investing in excess of $3 million each year on providing opportunities for young people.

Funding Centre

Provides a database of available federal, state and local government grants as well as trust, foundation and corporate grants. Subscriptions are offered to receive the customised EasyGrants email newsletter that provides a tailored list of grants for not-for-profit organisations and the BusiGrants email newsletter designed for business and government.


Provides a centralised database of grant programs funded through various Federal government departments.

Grant Finder

An Australian Government service that helps businesses locate grants and assistance programmes to support their business and build the skills and knowledge of business owners.

The Grants Hub

The grant directory provides a quick and easy way to search for grants listed from government, businesses, philanthropic sources, private donors, trusts, and those other providers. Subsidised subscriptions are offered to not-for-profit groups as well as a free one-day trial.


Australia’s original and most comprehensive funding database, detailing over 4,000 entries for grants and scholarships from various sources including government, universities, foundations, the private sector and overseas sources.

Grantsearch publish the Grants Register which is the essential guide offering a central source of information for Australian grant seekers.

The Ian Potter Foundation

Provides grants for general charitable purposes in Australia. Areas of interest are the arts, education, environment and conservation, health, social welfare, science and medical research.

Office of Sport

The NSW Government offers millions of dollars over a number of sports-based grant programs to nurture sporting talent, help build sports facilities and develop the industry as a whole.

Perpetual Trustees Australia

Perpetual is a trustee for approximately 1,000 charitable trusts valued at over $2.7 billion distributing more than $100 million each year in grants to not-for profit organisations aiming to make a difference to their communities. These grants have funded initiatives in arts and culture, education, conservation and the environment, social welfare and medical research.

Philanthropy Australia

The peak body that assists a community of funders, social investors and social change agents to use their financial assets and influence to achieve positive social, cultural, environmental and community change.

Philanthropy Australia also publishes the Australian Directory of Philanthropy, which is an essential online resource for not-for-profit organisations, charities and community groups with more than 200 grant-making organisations detailing their fields of interest and application procedures.

Pro Bono Australia

Facilitate access by not-for-profit organisations to philanthropic funds focussing on a range of interest areas across Australia.

Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation

Aims to build   a fair, just, creative, sustainable and caring society by supporting   initiatives that promote positive change in Australia. Grant programs are available in a number of different areas:


Grants and Donation Project Officer, Funding and Support. Tel: 02 8711 7622.

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ProgramFunding availableGrant Rounds
Kick-Starter Grants

Up to $500 to kick-start your social enterprise in Liverpool.

Opens - 1 June 2019
Closes - 31 May 2020

Small GrantsUp to $1,000

Opens - 1 June 2019
Closes - 31 May 2020

Liverpool Young Achievers Awards

Given as a prize to a student who has excelled in citizenship, academic studies, artistic endeavors, or sporting proficiency.

Up to $500 (primary school student)

Up to $1,000 (high school student)

Opens July 2019

Closes Sept 2019

Community GrantsUp to $5,000Round 1
Opens - 17 June 2019
Closes - 27 July 2019 
Round 2
Now Open
Round 3
To be announced 
Up to $5,000 to support schools and community
groups to reduce their impact on the environment.
Round 1
Opens - 17 June 19
Closes 27 July 19 
Round 2
Now Open
Sporting Grants

Up to $5,000 per Junior Sporting Club (members under 16yrs old). 
Up to $5,000 for Junior Disability Sports.

Opens - 20 January 2020
Closes - 13 March 2020
Sporting Donations

Up to $500

Scheduled assessment dates for the FY19/20:

  • 29 August 2019
  • 28 November 2019
  • 27 February 2020
  • 28 May 2020
Round 1
Opens - 1 June 2019
Closes - 22 August 2019 
Round 2
Opens - 23 August 2019
Closes - 21 November 2019 
Round 3
Opens - 22 November 2019
Closes - 19 February 2020
Round 4
Opens - 20 February 2020
Closes - 21 May 2020
Matching GrantsMatched funding up to $15,000Round 1
Opens - 17 June 2019
Closes - 27 July 2019
Round 2
Now Open
Round 3
To be announced
Corporate SponsorshipUp to $10,000Opens - 1 June 2020
Closes - 31 May 2020
Project Development
Support Sessions
NFP organisations and community groups in Liverpool are invited
to meet with Council's Community Development team to present
 ideas for community projects for feedback on structuring and
submitting an effective grant application.
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Community Facilities Fee Reduction ProgramCouncil owned facilities and resources are made available for hire including community centres, meeting rooms, event/function venues, parks, sports fields, and community buses. Council aims to make these facilities as accessible and affordable to as many members of the community as possible.Open All Year

To apply please click the link: Current Grant Rounds