Building Sites

Council Rangers patrol building sites in the Liverpool area to ensure that construction is being carried out in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

Rangers will ensure that all conditions of approval, relating to the public area, are being followed.

Such things include sediment control, hours of operation, storage of materials, wet weather access, footpath obstructions, air, land and water pollution, and other issues that relate to maintaining the site.

On the spot penalty infringement notices can be issued for non compliance with the conditions of consent.

Hours of Work

For Development Application Approvals:

  • 7am - 6pm Monday to Friday
  • 8am - 1pm Saturday
  • No work on Sundays and Public Holidays

For Complying Development Certificates

  • 7am - 5pm Monday to Saturday
  • No work on Sundays and Public Holidays

Council may approve work outside of these hours (conditions apply). If work occurs outside of Council business hours please contact the Police.