Cooling Tower and Warm Water System Inspections

The Public Health Act 2010 requires that all regulated systems (cooling towers and warm water systems) are registered with the corresponding local council due to the potential risks associated with Legionnaires Disease.

The owner or occupier of a premises where a water cooling or warm water system is installed is required to provide Council with the following particulars:

  1. The type of system;
  2. The address of the premises on which the system is installed;
  3. The name, residential and business addresses, of the owner of the premises and these particulars for the occupier if they are different to the owner;
  4. The telephone numbers at which, during business hours and after business hours, the persons referred to in paragraph (c) may be contacted.

Environmental Health Officers conduct annual inspections to ensure that cooling towers and warm water systems comply with the Act.

These standards are included in the NSW Code of Practice for the Control of Legionnaires Disease.