Liverpool City Council (LCC) displays fireworks on Australia Day at Woodward Park and on New Year’s Eve at Chipping Norton Lakes.

All other fireworks displayed at Woodward Park are not organised by Council.

Obtaining Approval

Application forms for pyrotechnician licences and (single-use) fireworks licences are available from SafeWork NSW as they are responsible for authorising and regulating fireworks.

Notify Council

Please notify Council at least seven days before the intended date of your fireworks.

Outdoor Fireworks

Send an Outdoor Fireworks Checklist to Council for assessment on possible impacts on the community.

Indoor Fireworks

Send an Indoor Fireworks Checklist to Council to assist with an investigation of the fire safety measures installed within the vicinity of the fireworks.

Council will consider the impacts of the fireworks, then issue a support/objection letter to SafeWork NSW and the Pyrotechnician.

Fireworks cannot proceed if Council raises an objection to the display which has not been resolved.


Complaints should be directed to SafeWork NSW as they have the legislative powers to act.

Use the Safework NSW Fireworks Display Search Portal to find out where fireworks are lighting up in NSW.

Protect your pets

With firework displays expected on Australia Day and New Year's Eve, it's important to prepare if you have pets.

Where possible, keep your animals indoors in a safe, secure and comfortable environment; close all blinds or curtains; and ensure they are wearing their ID tags. Horses should be secured to posts.

If your pet has a severe phobia of fireworks and storms, it's wise to consider staying at home.

Visit the RSPCA NSW website for more tips.