Illegal Dumping

To combat illegal dumping, Liverpool City Council is deploying mobile video cameras and installing new anti-dumping signage at a number of areas within the Liverpool area that have a history of waste dumping. Any person or company involved in dumping will face on the spot fines of up to $8000.

Illegal dumping costs the Liverpool community a great deal each year. Dumped waste can consist of dangerous items such as syringes, asbestos and toxic waste.

The State Government has set fines of up to $250,000 for an individual. You can read more at the NSW EPA Illegal Dumping Laws and Penalties page.

Frequently dumped items include unwanted household materials like furniture, whitegoods, mattresses, garden organics, building and renovation materials or garbage bags full of rubbish.

Dumped rubbish harms the environment, is unsightly, unhealthy, attracts vermin, can be a physical and fire hazard and can encourage others to dump their waste.

  • Call 1300 362 170 to arrange collection
  • Council offers two free pickups for residents per year.
  • Please do not place waste outside of your property until the night before your pickup.