Liverpool Council and Gandangara Aboriginal Land Council Sign Deed of Agreement

Liverpool City Council and the Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council (GLALC) have signed a deed of agreement to formalise the partnership between the two organisations.

Historically, Liverpool Council and the Land Council have worked closely on key initiatives which aim to support and encourage the advancement of First Nations people in Liverpool.

Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun said the Deed of agreement has been created to better manage and monitor collaboration between Council and GLALC.

Mayor Mannoun said the relationship between Council and GLALC is complex and multifaceted, involving various departments across both organisations.

“The scope of Council projects and initiatives which require input from Councillors and GLALC is broad and diverse, encompassing every area of Council’s operations,” Mayor Mannoun said.

The principles underpinning the Deed includes the principles of peace treaty, that both organisations are treated and valued equally and GLALC is acknowledged as the statutory representative of the Traditional Custodians of the land.

GLALC CEO DR Melissa Williams said, “We now go forward, together, in a genuine partnership that encourages shared cultures and joint projects that improve and protect our shared lands, our shared heritage and all our common interests”.

Chairperson Tony Scholes said, “This Deed determines that we treat each other equally, for the good of all.”

The deed was signed by Mayor Ned Mannoun and Council CEO John Ajaka on behalf of the Council while Tony Scholes the Chairman of the Land Council and Land Council CEO Melissa Williams signed on behalf of GLALC.