Mayor Ned Mannoun calls on NSW Government to Empower Councils with Mobile Speed Cameras for Safer Roads

Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun is urging the New South Wales Government to take action to combat the alarming increase in reckless speeding on our roads, a problem that has resulted in the tragic loss of four lives in as many months in our community.

Mayor Mannoun has proposed the introduction of council-operated mobile speed cameras to help curb excessive speeding and ensure safer roads for all Liverpool residents.

"We cannot stand idly by while the safety of our community is jeopardised by reckless drivers," said Mayor Mannoun.

"Liverpool has been deeply affected by the tragic loss of four lives within the span of just four months due to speeding, and we cannot allow this trend to continue."

The proposed mobile council speed cameras would be an invaluable tool in promoting safer driving habits.

The loss of demerit points in addition to the fines imposed would provide a strong incentive to adhere to the posted speed limits.

Mayor Mannoun explained, "Our primary focus is not to punish, but to educate and deter reckless driving.

“We want to change the behaviour of motorists, making our roads safer for everyone,” the mayor said.

“We receive lots of reports of speeding and investigating those reports takes time, but if we had mobile speed cameras, we could deploy them quickly to the relevant location.

“We don’t want fine revenue – infringements issued from a council operated speed camera will only affect your demerit points, impacting your ability to retain your license,” the mayor said.

Liverpool Council is ready to take on the responsibility of deploying these mobile speed cameras and partnering with the NSW Government to address the speeding epidemic.

By granting councils the authority to manage mobile speed cameras, we can foster a safer driving culture and ultimately save lives on our roads.

Mayor Mannoun concluded, "Liverpool is committed to enhancing road safety, and we call upon the New South Wales Government to support our efforts by allowing councils to operate mobile speed cameras. Let us work together to create safer roads and protect the lives of our community members."