South Pacific Islands excitement in Liverpool

The South Pacific Islands, with all their fiery splendour, free-spirited dancing and exciting dancers are coming to Liverpool for three days of sparkling entertainment.

“Pasifika Summer, a journey to the South Pacific Islands” will highlight the exotic charm, fire-dancing and enchantment of lands that are among Australia’s closest Oceanic neighbours.

Pasifika continues Liverpool City Council’s “Experience the World” program of cultural events that have drawn capacity crowds to Macquarie Mall all year.

This time Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Vanuatu will all be in the spotlight in a non-stop festival of entertainment, good times, singing, dancing and celebrating.

Together they bring hundreds of years of largely unchanged culture and mystery to Liverpool’s doorstep.

This is a spectacular occasion,” said Liverpool City Council Mayor Ned Mannoun.

“It’s a show with colour, excitement and passion.”

“Bring your family to Liverpool’s famous Macquarie Mall for another great cultural festival not to be missed.”

Pasifika Summer will run for three nights from 17-19 November from 5pm-10pm in Macquarie Mall.

Speciality food stalls will feature traditional Polynesian treats as well as local favourites.

There might even be a chance to sample a taste of food cooked in a traditional Maori hangi. The entertainment program on the main stage, includes live music, traditional dances, fashion shows, drumming and fire-twirling.

There will be children’s activities as well, including workshops.

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