Your Councillors

Elections for Liverpool City Council were held on 10 September 2016, with the final result being declared 20 September 2016.

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Councillors elected in 2016 are:

North Ward Councillors

Councillor Gus Balloot

North Ward

phone 0403 071 400

Councillor Balloot is a father of four with more than 35 years’ experience running his own business. He understands the need to support small business owners in our LGA and strongly encourages the support and employment of our youth.

Currently in his second term, Councillor Balloot’s vision is to improve Council services such as roads, parks and community facilities to make Liverpool a harmonious and family friendly community.

Councillor Mazhar Hadid

North Ward

0414 726 273

Councillor Hadid was born in Lebanon and has a Diploma in Business Management and Public Relations. He has been a Councillor since 2008 and sits on many boards and committees in Liverpool. Councillor Hadid is committed to improving the Liverpool Local Government Area.

Councillor Nathan Hagarty

North Ward

0428 313 374

Councillor Hagarty has spent his entire life in and around the Liverpool area, currently living in Green Valley with his family. He has worked across the financial services, education and public sectors in operations, product management and information technology roles. Councillor Hagarty ran for Council to ensure young families have a voice in determining the future of Liverpool. He is passionate about ensuring all residents benefit from the opportunities that lie ahead.

Councillor Peter Harle

North Ward

0412 736 956

Councillor Harle, who was elected to Council in 2008, has lived in Liverpool since 1954. He studied and taught at TAFE colleges and was persuaded by students and residents to become actively involved in the direction and growth of our City. Councillor Harle wants to make Liverpool a city that our residents can be proud of while ensuring it is the best possible place for his four daughters and twelve grandchildren.

Councillor Ali Karnib

Deputy Mayor

North Ward

0411 844 928

South Ward Councillors

Councillor Tina Ayyad

South Ward

As a mother of two young boys Councillor Ayyad wants to make sure that all families have a safe and clean community with great parks and plenty of footpaths. Her most important goal is to listen to the community and deliver on what they would like to see in our city.

Councillor Tony Hadchiti

South Ward

0433 330 554

Councillor Charishma Kaliyanda

South Ward

0466 020 544

Councillor Kaliyanda was raised in Liverpool after migrating to the area as a young girl. She brings to Council skills and experience in community engagement, advocacy, policy development, administration, volunteering and board membership as well as a passion and commitment to moving Liverpool forward. Councillor Kaliyanda believes Councillors can support the growth of Liverpool by being transparent, accountable and approachable.

Councillor Karress Rhodes

South Ward

0478 834 121

Councillor Rhodes has lived in and around Liverpool since 1974 and has been involved with Liverpool City Council in various ways since the 1980s. She has served on the boards of numerous Liverpool community organisations and has run her own business since 1977, including publishing a Liverpool community magazine.

Councillor Rhodes has a Local Government Executive Certificate, Land and Engineering and Survey Drafting, and Graphic Art and Marketing qualifications. She is not a member of any major political party and is passionate about Council engaging and collaborating with the community.

Councillor Geoff Shelton

South Ward

Councillor Shelton has lived and operated a business in Liverpool for well over two decades.