Love Liverpool

There is plenty to see, taste and do in Liverpool.

Visit one of NSW’s premier arts institutions, select the freshest locally-grown produce or plan a picnic at Liverpool’s parks.

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Liverpool is home to people from 150 different countries and this is immediately evident from the huge variety of local restaurants and businesses in the Liverpool city centre.

Feel the heat of an Indian curry, sample the rich flavours of Afghanistan, Lebanon and the Middle East, or go for the fresh, fragrant tastes of Vietnamese or Thai cuisine.

Liverpool has long been the home of amazing Italian food. Café culture is alive and well with a new crop of eateries and bistros serving up the latest trends.

But it’s not just the food – stroll down George St, popularly known as ‘Sari Street’, and browse or visit one of Liverpool’s European or Asian grocery stores or Balkan butchery.

Best of all, in Liverpool the walkable city, all of this is within a short stroll of the train station.

Looking for a lovely spot for a picnic?

Chippping Norton Lakes is the largest water body in South West Sydney, complemented by an extensive foreshore parkland which can cater for a variety of activities.

There are plenty of picnic tables, children’s play equipment, exercise equipment and paths winding through this lovely leafy reserve.

For active souls, there is Chipping Norton Parkrun, starting 8am on Saturday morning from Black Muscat Park. The free, weekly 5km event attracts parents with prams, walkers, joggers, right through to competitive runners.

Find more information on Chipping Norton Lake and the Georges River here.

Anyone living, studying and working in the Liverpool area can join Liverpool City Library free of charge.

Membership gives you access to a large collection of books, movies, magazines and music, plus eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines and digital research content accessible anytime from anywhere.

The Liverpool Bicycle Users Group (Liverpool BUG) organises many rides within the Liverpool area or nearby, usually on a fortnightly basis.

Find more information cycling and walking in Liverpool here.

Liverpool has four leisure and aquatic centres. For more details, visit their websites:

Liverpool City Council maintains a number of parks in the Local Government area, some of which have Outdoor Fitness Gyms, Off-Leash Dog Areas and Skate Parks.

Bigge Park is in the heart of Liverpool City Centre and includes a free water park, along with children’s play equipment and outdoor fitness equipment.

Find a park near you at Council’s website