Child Protection

We’re Australia’s first charity. We’re a not-for-profit and non-religious organisation and we’ve helped people, families and communities achieve positive change since 1813. From playgroups and parenting education to family counselling and household budgeting – we can help you build strong family relationships and be the best mum and dad you can be.

Brighter Futures is an early intervention program building resilience in vulnerable families with young children.

The program focuses on ensuring children can live safely in their homes by preventing and overcoming domestic violence, substance misuse and parental mental health issues.

By preventing issues from reaching a crisis point, families stay together and less children enter out-of-home care, corrective or mental health services.


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This team offers information and assistance on parenting, family relationship work, referrals, budgets, educational issues, Centrelink difficulties, children at risk matters, child behaviour and other issues which arise in families. Workers can provide assistance at the centre in the form of counselling and case management as well as practical in-home assistance.

The team comprises four distinct roles:

Generalist Family Worker
Works to assist families  where dependent children are involved in a family setting where there is crisis and stress

Specialist Family Worker
Works with families where there are complexities in the family setting such as mental illness or disabilities, and where children are placed under stress and crisis.

Arabic Family Worker
Works with families that speak the Arabic language and there is stress and crisis within the family.

Aboriginal Family Worker
Works with families who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and there is stress and crisis within the family.

This service is free of charge

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Mandatory reporters in NSW should use the Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG) if they have concerns that a child or young person is at risk of being neglected or physically, sexually or emotionally abused.

The MRG supports mandatory reporters to:

  • determine whether a report to the Child Protection Helpline is needed for concerns about possible abuse or neglect of a child (including unborn) or young person.
  • identify alternative ways to support vulnerable children, young people and their families where a mandatory reporter’s response is better served outside the statutory child protection system.

It is recommended that mandatory reporters complete the MRG on each occasion they have risk concerns, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. Each circumstance is different and every child and young person is unique.

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The Arab Council Australia established in 1979, is a secular community-based organisation working to bring about positive social change and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Council represents the interests of people from twenty-two Arab countries. We work with diverse communities and across sectors and play a pivotal role in capacity and community building and in advocacy.

We deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate social services to address isolation, inequity, discrimination, poverty and hardship. Some of these services include: family support; child protection; parenting programs; disability support and social support to older people.

For further information contact the Arab Council on (02)9709 4333 or you can send your inquiry via email to:

Established in 1973, the Child Abuse Prevention Service is the oldest organisation in Australia dedicated to the prevention of all forms of child maltreatment.

Among other things we run community education about Family & Domestic Violence and personal safety workshop with educators, parents and children (aimed at about 4-6yrs).  We also have our CAPSline which is a service providing information for anyone worried about the safety of a child.

That number is (02) 8080 4600 or we can be contacted by email at