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To receive rebate, simply buy an eligible product from any retail outlet and follow the steps below:

1. Fill in online form.

2. Attach your original receipt (it must include the place of purchase on it)

3. You must reside in the Liverpool Local Government Area to claim the rebate.

4. There is a limit of one per rebate type per household.

5. By making this application you agree to be contacted for a survey after 3 months to evaluate your experience of the rebated purchases.

Eligible Products

The Nappy and Sanitary rebate trial will only rebate purchase of eligible items and will not rebate delivery costs, happy hire, and any single use items. Therefore, items eligible for rebate are limited to:

Nappies: Any modern Cloth nappies such as fitted nappies, all in one nappies, all in two nappies, reusable night nappies, reusable swim nappies, terry towelling/pre-fold nappies and wet bags

Absorbent hygiene products: Reusable pads, Menstrual cups, menstrual underwear, and wet bags

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