Applications will be checked after lodgement to ensure the submitted information provided matches Council’s records. A confirmation email will be sent to the nominated email address to confirm the status of your application.

If your request is submitted less than three business days prior to the due date of your next instalment, the change may not take effect until after the payment is due.

Before completing this form, please read the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.

Please note, if you own multiple properties, you will need to register each property individually.

Detail of the property for which rates are to be direct debited: (details can be found on the rate notice)

Details of the account to be debited. (Note: Direct debit is not available from any credit card.)

Please note the direct debit will commence from the next rate instalment due date.


I/We *

1. Notification that payment is due

Council will provide you with the annual rates notice in July of each year. This notice will detail the instalment dates that the direct debit will be processed.

2. Due Date

When the due date for payment falls on a day, which is not a business day, it is taken to be due on the next business day.  For further information please call Council's Rates Department on (02) 8711 7800.

3. Sufficient Funds

You must ensure that you have sufficient clear funds available in the relevant account by the due date to permit the payment of the direct debit.

4. Unpaid Items

When a direct debit item is returned as unpaid by the bank, Council may charge an administration fee.

5. Change in payment method or cancellation

You may change your nominated account by submitting a new direct debit request form or cancel the direct debit by simply letting us know in writing at least five (5) business days before payment is due.

6. Complaints

We will provide you with contact details for lodging complaints when the direct debit is established, and these details will be repeated on regular bills.  We will respond to any complaint within five (5) business days.

7. Direct debit guarantee

If you dispute any amount on a bill or on a notification of payments due under a pre-agreed arrangement, and you let us know at least five (5) business days before payment is due, we guarantee we will not debit your account for the amount in dispute until the dispute is resolved.  This notice will allow us enough time to resolve the problem or to halt processing of the payment.

8. Incorrect or wrongful debit

The privacy provision as per Item 9 applies; however, your financial institution may require information to be provided in connection with a claim made relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.

9. Privacy

We will maintain strict control over the information you provide to us.  We will act only on your written instructions or those of your authorised representative.