Please complete this application for formal access to Council information under section 41 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. If you need any more assistance, please contact Council's Governance team on 1300 36 2170 or visit Council's website at

The application fee for a formal application is $30. In some cases, further charges may apply.

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When seeking access to your own personal information, an applicant must provide proof of identity in the form of a certified copy of one of the following documents (i.e. signed and dated) by an authorised witness (Justice of the Peace, Doctor, Pharmacist, Legal Practitioner, Postmaster – Australia Post). For full list see:

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If your application is unclear we may not be able to find the documents or it may be deemed invalid (e.g statements such as “including but not limited to…” and “all records held in relation to…” are likely to result in an application being deemed invalid). You can only apply for access to information that is already held by Council. Attach any additional information or documentation that you feel will support your claim for access to the requested documents/information. Attach additional pages if necessary.
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Please read notes below before sending your application to Council

1. Council will use information provided on this form to process this application. It can also be made available by law to other government agencies. You can find more information about your privacy rights in Council’s Privacy Management Plan on Council’s website or by contacting Council’s Privacy Contact Officer (the Internal Ombudsman) on 1300 36 2170.

2. Copyright applies to most plans and reports. However, section 43(2)(a) of the Copyright Act (Cth) 1968 states that a fair dealing with a literary or artistic work does not infringe copyright in the work if it is for the purpose of giving professional advice by a legal practitioner. Therefore, if you are a legal practitioner and you are seeking a copy of a plan or report subject to copyright, you must state in this application, or an attached letter, that you are a legal practitioner, seeking a copy of the particular plan or report for the purpose of giving professional advice to one of your clients.

3. For more information about public access to information and privacy please contact the Information and Privacy commission on 1800 472 679 or by email:

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The application fee for a formal application is $30. In some cases, further charges may apply.

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