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Pay By Plate parking in Liverpool CBD

Liverpool City Council is introducing Pay By Plate parking in the CBD.

Pay By Plate parking means no tickets are issued from parking meters. Instead, drivers enter their car number plates into the meter and then pay as normal by cash or credit card.

There are nearly 5000 car spaces available in or near the city centre. They include free and low-cost options, short and long-stay. The map below shows where you can park in Liverpool's City Centre.

You can take advantage of free parking on Sundays and public holidays. Parking is free on Saturdays but time limits apply.

Motorists who park on the street and wish to qualify for free parking must enter their car number plate into a parking meter and select 30 minutes free parking.

Free parking available 24 hours, seven days a week with a restricted two-hour parking limit from 4pm to 10pm. 78-space car park.

Council offers a free shuttle bus from Collimore car park to the corner of George and Moore Streets in the morning and a return bus in the afternoon. Patrons are asked to assemble at the bus zone near Collimore Park in the morning and George Street (near Black Rose Café) in the afternoon.

Track the bus

Track the Bus!

To track the location of the bus when it is in service, please download the app "Transport Me", Select "Track Your Bus" and select the "Operator" - BigBus Co.  The services which are currently being conducted will show in the list under "Routes", click on the route you wish to view, and it will show you the location of the bus in real time.

In response to the new restrictions for buses due to COVID-19, Big Bus Co. has implemented the following for the community shuttle bus:

  • Signage of the maximum number of passengers will be displayed at the front as well as at the entry side of the vehicle.
  • A ‘Don't sit’ sign will be placed on the seats that will not be in use.
  • The driver will use a manual counter to count the number of passengers entering or exiting the vehicle.
  • The driver will advise the commuters if the maximum number is reached and direct the commuters to the signs displayed.
  • Hand sanitiser pump bottles have been provided for the driver and the commuters at the entry of the bus.

To obtain a Mobility Parking Permit, apply with Service NSW.

There are 75 mobility spaces in the heart of the CBD, including off-street car parks. There is an additional on-street space on the southern side of Moore Street just west of Northumberland Street.

A valid Mobility Parking Scheme Label must be clearly displayed on the vehicle.

Liverpool City Council has a range of permits available designed to improve the availability of on-street parking for residents who do not have access to any off-street parking.

Parking illegally on footpaths or nature strips is a safety concern and can obstruct drivers' and pedestrians' access and lines of sight.

Rule 197 of the Road Rules 2014 does not allow parking on a bicycle path, footpath, dividing strip or nature strip.

To avoid a fine of $272 for illegal parking, please ensure your vehicle/s and/or your visitors’ vehicle/s are parked within your property or kerbside on the street.

Please refer to the image below for clarification of illegally parked and legally parked vehicles or for more information see the NSW Government Parking Rules.

Illegal Parking Diagram