Our Vision for Sustainability

Liverpool City Council defines sustainability in the following way:

We will embrace and champion environmental, economic, social and cultural outcomes. We will ensure the wellbeing of present and future generations is considered in all the decisions we make.

Our Path Towards Sustainability

treeforestThe City of Liverpool is experiencing significant change and will continue to do so into the future. It is the regional city for South Western Sydney. As a place undergoing enormous change Liverpool requires leadership and decision-making to simultaneously deal with current imperatives and stay focused on the legacy for future generations.

Growing Liverpool 2023 identifies priorities and goals that Liverpool's community want to have delivered in their city. Council's environmental sustainability goals have guided the development of objectives and strategies within Council's community strategic plan.

Integrated Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (IESAP)

The Liverpool City Council Integrated Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (IESAP) provides a framework for better amalgamation of environmentally sustainable strategies and Council's corporate processes. This framework builds on existing knowledge and identifies actions to achieve Council's long-term objectives within a clear, overarching framework. The IESAP integrates existing corporate environmental sustainability topics including Biodiversity, Climate Change, Energy, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Procurement, Waste and Water. Each environmental 'Key Performance Area' is currently governed by a range of sustainability based documents.

Intergrated Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

State of the Environment Report

State of the Environment (SOE) reporting is used as a tool to record the environmental initiatives undertaken by Liverpool City Council and our community to manage, develop, restore, enhance and conserve the environment.

Council produces a comprehensive State of the Environment (SoE) report is prepared every four years and is modelled on a Pressure State Response Model, which is based on human activity exerting pressure on the environment and changing its state or condition.

The key questions addressed in the SOE Report through use of this model are:

  1. What is the state of the local environment?
  2. What pressures or stresses is human activity exerting on the local environment?
  3. What changes or trends are evident?
  4. What is being done to respond?

During intervening years a supplementary report, identifying new environmental impacts (since the last SoE report) and updating trends in each environmental sector is included within Council's Annual Report.

Click on the links below to access State of the Environment reports for Liverpool City Council.

Sustainability Blitz workshop series

Council's Sustainability Blitz Workshop Series are monthly workshops delivering practical and theoretical tips on how to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. These workshops are FREE and aim to support and build the capacity of residents within the Liverpool LGA to live more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. Focusing on sustainable living at home, workshops address different topics each month:

Composting and wormfarming, No-dig vegetable gardening, organic garden problem solving, energy and water reduction, eco-retrofitting, local biodiversity, keeping chooks at home, natural cleaning and baby care, and many other fun and interesting topics.

Visit Council's "What's on" page to find out what workshops are on when, or contact Council on 1300 36 2170.

As part of Council's Sustainability Blitz program, a number of helpful fact sheets can be downloaded to provide you with helpful hints and information on how to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability Blitz Fact Sheets

Sustaining Liverpool Newsletter

Sustaining Liverpool is a quarterly newsletter produced by Council's Sustainable Environment team. The newsletter includes information on Council's sustainability initiatives and programs, provides useful information on local biodiversity, sustainable gardening tips, and other sustainability topics of interest.

Sustaining Liverpool also includes dates for environmental activities including tree planting activities and free sustainability workshops.

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive this newsletter and other information related to environmental activities in the Liverpool area, please call Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 36 2170.

Click on the link below to download the current Sustaining Liverpool Newsletter:

Sustaining Liverpool newsletter - Autumn 2017