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From 1 January 2021, Development Applications can only be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal and not directly with Council.

Council will continue to offer lodgement through our own ePlanning Portal and at our Customer Service Centre until 1 January 2021, however we encourage members of the public to begin to make use of the NSW Planning Portal.

The following applications can be lodged at our Customer Service Centre until 1 January 2021, however to assist with the transition online lodgement is now only available through the NSW Planning Portal:

  • Construction certificates;
  • Complying development certificates;
  • Occupation certificates;
  • Subdivision certificates; and
  • Private certifier packages.

Liverpool Certification Unit (LCU) is faster than ever. Using customised planning controls, LCU has been able to approve decision ready applications the day they are lodged – we guarantee 10 days maximum for determination.

We have simplified the building certification process for clients for all residential scale property developments. With our customised FastTrack planning controls you can maximise returns on investment for your client and be building in 2 days.

Our FastTrack service for combined DA/CC, DA or CC assessment offers online lodgement, 24 hour application tracking and our fastest approval service ever using the specifically customised planning controls of DCP Part 8.

Hudson Homes Project Manager Michael Gad had this to say about FastTrack:

“We build a lot of homes all over NSW, from Dubbo to the Hunter Valley and have found that Liverpool City Council is one of the best councils to deal with in its assessment of combined DA/CCs using the online FastTrack certification service.”

We also offer a rapid assessment of CDCs, with our growth area clients receiving their determination within three days.

Our one-stop-shop range of certification services includes issuing Construction Certificates, Complying Development Certificates, acting as your Principal Certifying Authority including conducting mandatory Critical Stage Inspections and issuing Interim and Final Occupation Certificates. We can perform these services for residential, commercial and industrial premises.

LCU offers:

  • An independent professional alternative beyond that offered by private certifiers.
  • Practical, honest and impartial advice
  • Inspections six days a week and same day electronic notification of inspection results.
  • An experienced team who keep on top of fast-changing policies and regulations to help you deliver construction projects on time.

Contact Ami on 1300 LCC LCU or 1300 522 528 so you can get building faster.

We provide a complete inspection, certification and Occupation Certificate service for all development types.

Once you have either a Complying Development Certificate or Construction Certificate (following the issue of a Development Consent), you need to appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) before starting work. A PCA oversees the construction process.

The PCA will conduct an inspection of each required stage of construction and issue an Occupation Certificate (for any building work) when all the pre-conditions specified in the Development Consent have been met and the building is suitable for occupation or use in accordance with its Building Code of Australia classification.

A Construction Certificate is only valid while the Development Consent is still in effect, so works must be commenced before the Development Consent lapses.

  • All of our Building Surveyors are accredited certifiers with the Building Professionals Board.
  • We are located in Liverpool.
  • Every building surveyor at LCU has mobile access to all relevant and up to date Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.
  • Building staff have electronic access to the Development Application file, historical files and all of our data while in the field.
  • The majority of residential Development Applications are dealt with by our Building Surveyors, meaning that you can deal with the one person throughout the assessment and construction process.
  • No hidden cost fees. Once you engage LCU as an Accredited Certifier or PCA we do not charge for phone calls, letters and other incidentals.
    Note: Additional or re-inspections may attract a fee.

To appoint LCU as a PCA complete the Notice of Appointment of PCA and Service Agreement It will be attached to your LCU Construction Certificate.

For further information contact Ami on 1300 LCC LCU or 1300 522 528 or email

Inspections by the PCA during construction are mandatory, and ensure what is being built is consistent with the approval and that the building will meet required standards.

The critical stage inspections required with your job are detailed in the Notification of Critical Stage Inspections attached to your Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate.

LCU undertake inspections six days a week with same day electronic notification of inspection results

We request inspections be booked by 3.00pm the day before required.

To book an inspection call Ami on 1300 522 528.


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