Sydney's Third CBD

Liverpool is changing. To reflect this change, Liverpool City Council has rezoned the city centre to allow a modern, vibrant, 18-hour economy to flourish.

The rezoning of 25 hectares in the heart of Liverpool will encourage new businesses and double the resident population in the CBD.

Download the pdf map of the areas covered by the rezoning here.

It will reinvigorate the CBD and allow the construction of multi-purpose buildings that could include cafes, bars and restaurants, retail, child care, office space and residential uses. Watch our video, above, to see what a future building in the heart of Liverpool could look like.

New residents living in Sydney’s third CBD will be close to transport, universities and the green space along the Georges River. We'll have a vibrant new commercial and residential hub.

“This is the most significant leap forward for Liverpool since the city was first designed and the Hoddle Grid was laid down in 1827,” Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller said.

"This is the most significant leap forward for Liverpool since the city was first designed and the Hoddle Grid was laid down in 1827"
Mayor of Liverpool Wendy Waller

“Our city has great bones. We are built on the same plan as Melbourne’s city centre and now we are going to add to that the very best in contemporary urban design.

“In the past 18 months, Council officers have spoken to more than 10 developers about projects worth up to $1 billion.

“There’s no doubt the development of Western Sydney Airport in our LGA has attracted a lot of attention on Liverpool.

“We are strategically positioned as the key regional centre of the Western Parklands City. Under the City Deal we are helping lay the foundations for the creation of a thriving Western City of 1.5 million residents within 20 years.”

Mayor Waller said the Amendment to the Local Environmental Plan was designed to ensure a mix of uses in every multi-storey building and would allow developers to respond to market conditions.

“We want to create a vibrant city centre with an 18-hour economy,” Mayor Waller said.

Artist's impressions of how a new building in Liverpool's CBD might look under the rezoning.

“Developers will be able to get the mix right with that range of cafes, services, retail and offices – with apartments for those who want to live in a lively CBD.

“When there is more demand for homes they will be able to increase the number of floors taken up by residential: if the interest is in office space, they will be able to respond to that as well.

“From these new buildings people will be able to walk from their home to work, to the shops, dining and entertainment and they’ll take their children to school and to care without jumping in the car.

“We’re going to allow the commercial heart to thrive with a lively walkable city neighbourhood.

“I’m really excited about the future of modern Liverpool. We have a heart and a history as well. We’re going to keep the things that make us great so you’re going to see a busy, bustling city that’s a little different.”

Sydney's Third CBD Launch Event

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